Some ways we help your business serve your customers

Job Management

  • Create jobs or job sheets from the web office system, or the mobile app.
  • Assign jobs to a project
  • Multiple jobs can be managed more effectively
  • Job management tracker allows you to see how your staff are progressing
  • Work together using the same job site map
  • Create appointments for your staff by viewing their diaries
  • Never lose track of a job as all uncompleted jobs with require actions
  • Send jobs straight to invoice immediately once they have completed on-site.
  • Your workforce now uses mobile device software to organize their jobs. No more all coming to the office to be given job sheets.
  • Photos and job specifications can be attached to jobs
  • Full notes and logging are available to view the history of a job
  • All jobs have a signature capture on the APP for approval and confirmation.
  • Email / Print your job sheets directly to your client for their records
  • Comprehensive management reports available – Example - Reports to find out the productivity and profitability of a staff member – Many more reports available

Customer Self-Service

Help improve customer insight and satisfaction with real-time self-service access to:

  • Service call scheduling and monitoring
  • Service history and contact information
  • Maintenance agreements and equipment lists
  • Reports and invoices


  • Supports most operating systems on mobile and desktop devices
  • Notifications and lookups through wearable technology
  • Lightweight and usually providing sub second response time, even in the field. Let your team work, not wait for the system!

Parts/Service Items and Materials Import

Import your existing parts and material inventory using csv and tab delimited files

  • Easily import job and cost codes, bill codes and estimate revisions and other project data to and export from Microsoft Project and other estimating or job cost systems. This allows your project managers to use familiar tools for job set up, scheduling and tracking and reducing error-prone manual entry
  • Export one or many jobs to a project plan or import from Microsoft Project to create a new job, enabling project managers to use one tool to manage project tasks and forecast completion and total costs
  • Import service types and rates


  • Quickly quote customers with customizable templates, contract terms, quote expiration, deposits, discounts, special instructions
  • Email quotes to prospects on the road or in the office
  • Capture quote and service requests on your website through our integration options

Change Order Management

  • Empower your project managers with the information they need by facilitating and simplifying the tracking of proposed change orders, approved change orders, project change orders, and subcontractor change orders so they can respond quickly to new requirements or unexpected delays
  • Allow users to log changes, quotes and claims as change orders and bill change orders as part of a job
  • Analyze the success of past jobs and improve the estimate accuracy of new projects by viewing change order and cash receipt history for closed jobs

Financial Management

  • Significantly increase cash flow with improved collection processes, vendor discount visibility and customer/vendor controls
  • Decrease time to invoice and improve cash flow with convenient invoicing tools that enable project- or job-level billing
  • Gain visibility into business performance with better connections across all facets of your organization
  • Achieve more accurate revenue recognition by determining POC (percentage of completion) based on actual and forecasted labor hours
  • Track project costs by committed cost from purchase orders, actual cost, estimated cost and forecasted cost to complete
  • Ensure a more accurate measure of job, work order and contract profitability by managing forecast revisions such as change orders


  • Search for parts and materials
  • Import existing parts, inventory levels, pricing
  • Track usage, change pricing without affecting past invoices
  • Track and create actions based on inventory reorder levels
  • Inventory Audit Reports


  • Quickly invoice customers with customizable templates, contract terms, payment terms, special instructions
  • Email invoices to prospects on the road or in the office
  • Track taxes
  • Generate receivable reports, track customer ratings


Resource, inventory and financial reports provide performance information at a glance

Dispatch and Scheduling Solutions

  • Match resource to customer schedules using an intuitive drag and drop gantt interface
  • Current day and upcoming color coded activities
  • Progress tracking for multi-day jobs

Team Management

Manage team member skills, availability and contact information. Team member profiles are integrated throughout the application for a seamless experience in bringing the right people with the right knowledge to the Job


Easily and securely share with your team and customer. Highlight the job site, bring the right skills to the job

Client and Jobber Search

Quickly search for clients, workers, jobbers or teams by availability, name, address or tag

Client Interactions

Showcase past work using our api

Add or Embed quote requests to your emails and websites quickly and easily, use your branding

OEM and dealer group clients offer personalized services and content to enrich the ownership experience through owner website and mobile applications. Scheduling can also be integrated to offer a seamless and personalized service scheduling experience to registered owners.

Import your existing prospect and customer lists using csv and tab delimited files

User Interface Branding

A consistent brand identity is a strategic marketing asset for OEMs. With our solutions, OEMs can incorporate their online brand identity into consumer facing service scheduling interactions (Web, mobile, factory menus and email notifications).

Custom Integrations - Enhancing brand identity and increasing customer loyalty means creating a unified experience across all customer touch points. We can integrate our solutions with mobile applications, diagnostic tools and any other marketing efforts to ensure improved customer retention and shop utilization.


Rest easy knowing a secure, 256-bit encrypted SSL connection is used for all communication to protect your data. SituationWare AMX runs on the same infrastructure and servers used by Google's own services, making it highly available, reliable and robust.

Our customers are our investors.

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